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Welcome to the Wrestling Dynasty Wiki. Wrestling Dynasty is the debut AVN of UniSeven Studios.

In this game, you play as 18 year old Vincent Morgan (first name changeable), who along with your older sister and older brother, are part of the 5th Generation of Morgans in the pro wrestling scene. Your father, Franco Morgan, has just become the world champion of the GWE (Global Wrestling Empire).

Franco Morgan, is also the biggest babyface in wrestling, beloved by all for his dominance and charismatic personality. However, there's a dark secret in the Morgan family, as the road to Franco's success has come at the cost of his family. In public, Franco is beloved by all, but behind closed doors, Franco is severely abusive, cruel, and toxic to you and the rest of your family.

As Vincent, you grapple with the expectations of following in your father's footsteps or carving out a path of your own. But unfortunately, on your last day of high school, an event happens that will make it clear the Morgan family will never be the same again.

This wiki will be your go to place for information on characters, locations, secrets, and more!
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  • Developer: UniSeven Studios
  • Publisher: UniSeven Studios
  • Engine: Ren'py
  • Version: 0.2 Ren'py Demo
  • Platform: F95Zone
  • Genre: Adult Visual Novel
  • Release date: May 24th, 2024
  • Updated: June 30th, 2024
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